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Galia Lahav- Blossom 
$7,999.00 USD
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Listing ID: 1122

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Hi! I have a gorgeous authentic, eight hour old Galia Lahav to tell you about. I purchased this dress at Bridal Reflections in NYC (receipts available), where it was also fitted, and eventually professionally cleaned and stored. For sale is the dress, veil and a custom made bolero. These items were custom made for me by Galia Lahav after consultation with their head designers in Tel Aviv. You are not getting just the dress here you are getting a gorgeous, long, flowing, cathedral style veil and an intricately designed bolero. These are haute-couture one off accessories made by one of the most sought after designers in the world. Everything is a perfect match because it was cut from the same cloth and made by the same hands. The craftsmanship and attention to detail on this piece is simply unbelievable. If you contact me I can share pictures of the cathedral veil and cape/bolero. Ringing up Galia Lahav and requesting matching veil and bolero made is not cheap, these items are however included in the price of this auction. You. Will. Look. Stunning. The dress is gorgeous, multi layered, and pictures simply do not do it justice. Everything is authentic, all receipts, everything verified. No corners were cut. I had it professionally cleaned and stored right after my wedding. I have browsed other auctions when looking to purchase a second hand Galia, and I have found uncleaned and stained dresses being passed off as being in used once condition. You will not find that here. This dress is a size twelve and I am 5'9". I was fit to it when slightly pregnant. I am not sure if you are familiar with how wedding dresses are fit but essentially, during the fitting the dress is deconstructed into panels and everything is measured and cut down for a body glove like fit. Because this is a size 12, it will fit a few sizes smaller quite easily. A larger dress however, is essentially a blank canvas for your dress fitter to work with.
Price: $7,999.00 USD
Listing ID: 1122
Designer: Galia Lahav
Year: 2016
Color: Ivory-Lace-White
Measurements: Size 12+
Cleaning Date: Sept-09-2016
Alterations: Yes
Overall Condition: Worn Once in pristine condition
Original Price ($USD): 17000
Listing Price ($USD): 7999