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About Us

SellMyWeddingDress.org is the perfect destination for buyers and sellers of the wedding world. Everyone has big dreams when it comes to their wedding but the failing economy and reducing budgets make it harder to fulfill it. This is where we come in. We exist to help you realize your ‘dream wedding’ by giving you a one stop affordable shopping source to buy gently used wedding items.

How do we do it? First, we provide a platform for anybody who wants to sell gently used wedding dresses, bridesmaids’ dresses, wedding party attires, shoes and accessories. Then, we help brides to be, buy the wedding dress of their dream online from the collection of wedding dresses that have been listed for sale.

So, if you are looking for a place to sell your beautiful wedding gown that’s sitting idle in your closet, this is the perfect site for you. You can connect to brides from around the world who are just a click away from buying your wedding dresses. You would be giving a chance for that gown to make another bride feel special just like you did.

If you are a bride to be struggling to make your wedding fit into the budget and at that same time want to wear that beautiful designer dress, then feel free to browse our numerous designer collections. Other than wedding gowns, we also have vast collections of bridesmaids’ dresses, wedding party attires, shoes and accessories. We assure you that these wedding dresses come in great quality and condition.

SellMyWeddingDress.org was created by Brent, after his wedding. Watching his wife struggling to get the items to make their dream wedding while sticking to the budget made him realize the need for such a platform. It was then that he put all his energy into creating SellMyWeddingDress.org. Understanding the rise in the number of brides shopping online for better deals, Brent launched SellMyWeddingDress.org as an online shopping source. This has helped many brides and brides to be in selling and buying wedding dresses. Most importantly, we have been making dreams come true for all those beautiful brides out there.